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Cal Porxo offers the best products from the Priorat region.

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There are two wine origin denominations In County Priorat: DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant . They have many diferences in relation to type of soil, climate and the way of sowing which all together make the diference in between their wines. Nevertheless people from this area fight to obtain and offer to everybody the excellence of our County Priorat : Our Wine.

  • Red wine

    Red wine

    The wines from County Priorat are recognized all over the world. Some of red wines have gained the best score in worldwide wine´s guides. Red wine is full bodied, high taste for the palate which will not let you ignoring the fact that you will feel you are in our land.

  • White


    We provide you with a large range selection of whites of high quality which are temperamental style with go very well with fish dishes or even it is a suitable wine for aperitif.

  • Rose


    Rose wine is a good drink and we wish to advise you that when the heat goes up it is a pleasure to drink it without any doubt. If you have your aperitifs with a rosé wine and our selection of our olives, patés and cheeses, we are pretty sure that you will be amaze.

  • Sweet


    It is the ideal match for desserts of a big meal. It is quite popular in our County that with the traditional desserts make the perfect match.

  • DO Montsant

    DO Montsant

    It is a origin denomination small where the total amount of the grape production , in total , is around of the 10 millions of kilos. There are 2,000.00 hectares of productive vineyards and the number of wine cellars are above fifty.

    It is a talented, modern, active DO includes all County Priorat and part of County Ribera d´Ebre . It is got a continental climate with a big influence of the mountains of the Montsant escarpment, the proximity to the river Ebro and the sea breeze that is why the rainfall is poor and the differences in temperature are quite significant.

    With regard to the soil type is a mixture of granitic sand and calcerous soil. The soil color which ranges from bright orange to snow white that give the possibility to find highly regarded wines from this DO.

  • DOQ Priorat

    DOQ Priorat

    Most of the soil is “llicorela” which is a shiny rock substrate which is high in mineral content. This rock forces the roots of the vines to dig very deep in search of water and is known for it the character of the wines. Due to the steep slopes, rocky soil and little water, the harvest production is low which contributes to have wines with great tannins, deeep color and high alcohol contents.

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