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Country shop

Cal Porxo offers the best products from the Priorat region.

Rural House
Visit the web of our rural accommodation placed in the Priorat



The shortage of water under the surface soil and the agresivity of the climate of Priorat makes that, the few production of the fruit that is sowed is sweetier and tastier.

The “payés” or local farmer that collected the fruit that the long winter left without damage, it was peeled and boiled to turn it into the jam that went with our meals. There was an exchange in between the locals and those who produced home made jam, or bread or eggs for the ones who had hens.

Also the houses with a olive tree made jam with it. We invite you from the country shop of Cal Porxo to know the diversity of preserves with products of Priorat which are still hand made but accordinly to the current procedures and ecological criteria which is a guarantee of their quality and conservation.

  • Jams


    We can enjoy with jam of the seasonal fruit all over the year. It allows us to have it as an accompaniment in your breakfast or snacks, it is also used in confectionery and it goes very well with some kind of meets or cheeses

  • Honey


    The kind of honey that we can get more often in the market it is is the one which is the centrifugated, filtered and purified honey . The honey of Cal Porxo has not followed as such procedures and it gets thicker naturally which means that if we want to have it lighter it has to be boiled in “baño maria”.

    As a difference with the sugarcane which ferments, honey is aseptic, a tonic. It also brings down the fever and relaxing as well as expectorant. It adsorbs humidity on the air, that means if we put a little bit of honey on bread and cakes harden off slowler. It can become an basic element in the healthy and imaginative cooking. The honey does not only make sweet desserts ; it is a main ingredient in some meat recipes and a good one in salads and in some sauces

  • Olives


    The different processes of maceration and food preservation of the olives have allowed us to taste them in many different kind of ways: macerated with aromatic herbs and splitted, seasoned with sweet onions, little peppers and carrots or filled with anchovies etc. There are many variorities of olives eg “arbequina” the most popular and the oldest type or the others like the “negra de Aragón” or the “picual.

    we sell “paté of arbequina or negra de Aragón” that spreaded on a toast or in a salad or as an ingredient in a “vinagreta” (vinager sauce) is a exquisite delicacy. They have unsaturated fatty acids which is very good in case of high level of cholesterol in blood. Olives have a high contain of sodium as the salt is the main ingredient to ripe and keep them.

  • Pates


    This product wants to take the most out of the “mataça del porc”by mixing with liver, greasy bacon lean meat and by adding eggs. When all is grinded we put salt and pepper and we keep it in little glass containers, we cover it with fat of pigs then later on we put the containers inside a pot with boiled water “ baño maria “ for a couple of hours. There are some other recipes in whose elaboration grapes are added, hazelnuts, nuts, blue cheese, aromatic herbs even rotten wine as it is the case of the variety of paté we have in our country shop.

    The paté has huge amount of vitamins as the A, D, E, folic acid and B12 besides minerals as iron, zinc and phosphorus. Itis a very nutritional product.

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