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Country shop

Cal Porxo offers the best products from the Priorat region.

Rural House
Visit the web of our rural accommodation placed in the Priorat


Product Categories

We offer you a selection of the best gastronomic products of the region of the Priorat.

Wines, olives oil, jams, sausages, dry fruits, cheeses,... The Priorat is a ground that contributes beauty and also a fan of gastronomic products of the first world order. In Cal Porxo we are conscious of this gastronomic patrimony because we it have lived in person, and since result of this experience we can offer you a selection of the products of major quality.

  • Sausages


    The pig slaughtery was tradicionally known as a common economic activity to get through our very cold winters.they are today known as a master of this crafted butchery which enhance to the palate to taste the combination of the our traditional base of elaboration and own products of our County such as the wine, the olives, the hazelnuts, the mushrooms or the aromatic herbs from Montsant County

  • Preserves


    The shortage of water under the surface soil and the agresivity of the climate of Priorat makes that, the few production of the fruit that is sowed is sweetier and tastier.

    The “payés” or local farmer that collected the fruit that the long winter left without damage, it was peeled and boiled to turn it into the jam that went with our meals. There was an exchange in between the locals and those who produced home made jam, or bread or eggs for the ones who had hens.

    Also the houses with a olive tree made jam with it. We invite you from the country shop of Cal Porxo to know the diversity of preserves with products of Priorat which are still hand made but accordinly to the current procedures and ecological criteria which is a guarantee of their quality and conservation.

  • Wines


    There are two wine origin denominations In County Priorat: DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant . They have many diferences in relation to type of soil, climate and the way of sowing which all together make the diference in between their wines. Nevertheless people from this area fight to obtain and offer to everybody the excellence of our County Priorat : Our Wine.

  • Cheese


    County Priorat and Conty “Baix Camp” or “Ribera d´Ebre” are areas of hidden valleys and not many meadows. On the other side there are thick forest and rough bounded landscape much more suitable for sheep or goat flocks which has enhanced to have a big tradition milk production of these two kind of animals.

    The taste of the cheese become different depending on the milk origin, the process or the fine fermentation to obtain a excellent elaboration. We invite you to try these two varieties, one of them from “la Ribera” and the other one from “Baix Camp”.

  • Dried fruits

    Dried fruits

    The farming of the nut grew up since the end of the nineteenth century as an alternative to survive economically to the devastation of phyloxera plague among the region.

    Due to its reputation and high quality has obtained the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

  • Olives oil and vinagers

    Olives oil and vinagers

    All County Priorat is within the Protected Designation of Origin Siurana (PDO). Our oil has a balanced and complex profile for mounth and nose. It has got a fruity flavour from the green olives and also from the intense green herb, green nuts, fennel, ripe banana and green tomatoes.

  • Gifts


    Almost all products of Lots Cal Porxo Christmas come from the region of Priorat. Our bet is that they can meet and enjoy each of these products result set of years of experience, hard work and dedication, our master craftsmen, butchers, bakers, beekeepers, and of course farmers and growers.

    We hope you like it.


  • Beer


    n recent years the region has reached new generations of winemakers and developers eager to work, learn and further improve the quality of our wines. Thankfully, with them also come new perspectives, new challenges with greater vigor strengthen all that is being done from the Priorat.

    This is the case of the 1st craft beer Priorat Garnacha Beer. Closely linked with wine, because the second fermentation in the bottle and is made with the juice of a vine grenache centuries the people of Torroja del Priorat.

    We opened with great enthusiasm this product category forward to offering other craft beers of this region.

  • Offers


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